A downloadable game for Windows

plot: Recover yourself and go ahead

All the assets in the game have been taken online; I couldn't upload Settings in the game so I'm sorry for the volume of the game but you have to adjust it from your computer 



Install instructions

Run the "Recover.exe" file to execute it


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Really nice and effective game, it's simplicity makes it a great small horror game :)

The story and the theme are a bit difficult to understand, but the mechanics work fine.

The idea of a room with red doors leading to somewhere unknown is great and could be turned into something very efficient !

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Thank you for having played my project and having given your opionion about that I appreciate!; the game tells about a man that is in a bad state (emotional bad state) and try to overcome this bad state; all the words like : stress , nostalgia , solitude... are all refered to his emotions at that moment; and in the end he recover himself and come back to reality.